News and Highlights

News and Highlights
S No. Title Details Document
1 Preamble to the Constitution of India
2 Report of the committee constituted for preparation of National List of Essential Medicines for animal use
3 Letters related with allocation of MBBS/BDS seats under Central Pool, 2020-21
4 Draft the National Nursing & Midwifery Commission Bill 2020- For Comments
5 Vigilance Awareness Week 2020
    6 Health and Family Welfare Statistics in India 2019-20
      7 Draft combined eligibility list for promotion to HAG level against vacancies for the panel year 2020
      8 Public Notice for applicant Dental Colleges to be ready to furnish the requisite documents / undertakings before issuance of Letters of Intent (LoI) for BDS Schemes - 2020 -21