Central Services (Medical Attendance)

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1 Circulars/OMs & Orders
  • Reimbursement of OPD medicines to CS (MA) beneficiaries: Special Sanction in view of COVID-19 (34.24 KB)
  • Fixation of rate for rt PCR Test for COVID-19 in respect of Central Services (Medical Attendance) beneficiaries (116.24 KB)
  • OM for Empanelment of Private Hospitals under CS (MA) rules , 1944 (2.28 MB)
  • Stoppage of fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) being paid to the Central Government employees working in the interior/remote areas (385.7 KB)
  • Revision of rate and Guideline for Reimbursement of Expenses on Purchase of hearing AIDS under CS(MA) Rules, 1944 and CGHS (3.49 MB)
  • Revision of time limit for submission of final claims for reimbursement of medical expenses under CS(MA) (440.04 KB)
  • Relaxations of procedures to be followed in considering requests for medical reimbursement claims in respect of CS(MA) (1.96 MB)
  • Test/Investigation of private hospitals/diagnostic laboratories/imaging centers empanelled under CS(MA) Rules. (608.37 KB)
  • Delegation of powers to heads of departments in various ministries/Departments for settling permission cases and for approval (1.7 MB)
  • Extension of medical facilities to permanently disabled dependent brother of CS(MA) beneficiary - OM.No S-14025/2/2014-MS (144.56 KB)
  • Revision of Rates for reimbursement of Medical Expenses Incurred in Emergency Conditions under CSMA Rules OM S.14025/14/2012-MS (1.06 MB)
  • Revision of Rates and Guidelines for reimbursement of Expense on Purchase of Hearing Aids under CS(MA) Rules 1944 (1.34 MB)
  • Introduction of Annual Medical Examination for Group A officers (6.34 MB)
  • Ceiling for reimbursement of AYAH/Nursing charges under CS(MA) Rules (816.2 KB)
  • Annual re-verification of doctors appointed as AMA under CS(MA) (111.27 KB)
  • NABH/NAB accreditation of Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers recognized AMA under CS(MA) (521.04 KB)
  • Age Limit for dependent Children of Govt. Servant and Pensioners for availing medical facilities Under CGHS and Central Services (172.31 KB)
  • Guidelines for reimbursement of the cost of Oxygen Concentrators (769.79 KB)
  • Orders related with the schedule of charges/procedure for reimbursement of expenses on purchase/replacement/repair/adjustment (2.47 MB)
  • Revision of ceiling rates for intra Ocular lenses (loL) (1.12 MB)
  • Revision of consultation/visiting/Injection fees of Authorised Medical Attendants (821.27 KB)
  • Delegation of power for reimbursement of Ayah Charges to the head of Office under CS(MA) Rules, 1944 (141.93 KB)
  • Removal of OM No. 33-4/59 H.I Dated 18/29 July 1960 Regarding Treatment in Hospital Outside State/District from CS(MA) Rules1944 (166.8 KB)
  • Delegation of powers of HOD for setting permission cases and post facto approval to reimbursement in relaxation of rules (901.36 KB)
  • Revision of consultation/visiting & injection fee of Authorized Medical Attendants (AMAS) under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 - regarding (308.49 KB)
2 List of Empanelled Hospitals
    3 Forms and Downloads
    • Guidelines for Empanelment of private Eye hospitals/clinics under CS(MA) Rules 1944 for central employees and their family (3.92 MB)
    • Guidelines for empanelment of Dental Hospital/Clinic (2.84 MB)
    • Guidelines for recognition of Hospital under CS(MA) Rules,1944 (230.69 KB)
    • Proforma for the verification of Character and antecedents of doctors to be appointed as Authorised Medical Attendants under CS (1.3 MB)
    • Proforma for Treatment Abroad cases under Rule 11 of CS(MA) Rules, 1944 (26.56 KB)
    • Proforma for claiming refund of medical expenses (617.59 KB)
    4 CS(MA) Rules,1944 in Brief
    5 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    6 List of CS(MA) Recognised Hospitals for Annual Medical Examination scheme for Central Civil services Group 'A' Officers of above