Whos Who in DGHS pertaining to RTI

List of Central Public Information Officers in Directorate General of Health Services

(As on 29th February, 2012)

S.No. Name of Officer Designation Room No. Telephone No. PABX No. on Ph.23022200 Subject matter
with which concerned
1. Shri Laxmi Narayan DDA (LN) 757-A 23061935 2703 CGHS(I,II,III&IV)
MG Section M E Section(LHMC & SSKH,KSH),MAMC,VMMC & CIP Ranchi, AIIH&PH)M E Cell PH(IH)N.M.L. Admn. Matter
2. Shri Prem Prakash DDA(G) 559-A 23061113 2615 General Section including, C R Section, Cash-I Section, Cash-II Section Admn. Matter
3. Sh. M.S. Zou DDA(MSO) 26103207 MSO Admn. Matter
4. Shri M.L.Soni DDA (MLS) 653-A 23062192 2426 M H (I,II & III)(RMLH,SJH,AIIPMR, Instt. Of Serology, Trauma. RR Cell/ O&M Section/R T I, Office Council Admn. Matter
5. Sh.R.K.Kalra DDA(RKK) 559-A 23061113 2615 Admn. I Section Admn. II Section including ACR Cell, Hindi Section Admn. Matter
6. Smt. Veena Verma DDA (VV) 653-A 23062192 2520 A.V. Section including ACR Cell EPI Section (CRI/BCG) PH (CDL) Section (NICD NVBDCP,CDEC R D Cell Admn. Matter
7. Sh. Pitam Singh DY. DIR.(PS) DCG (I) CHEB Admn. Matter
8. Shri. Vijay Kumar DA(VK) Leprosy Section (including CLTRIs/RLTRIs) TB Section(including NTI) NCD Section CBHI Admn. Matter
9. Dr. S R Agarwal ADDL.DDG(SRA) 443-A 23061936 2760 MG Section CS(MA) Rules,HQ Reimbursement Technical Matter
10. Dr. Anil Kumar CMO(AK) 506-D 23061259 MG Section, MH-II Section, Bio-medical waste mgnt./Clinical Establishment Act./Patients Safety initiative/ NRHM/NUHM/ Population Control/IPHS Standards. Technical Matter
11. Dr. Sudhir Gupta ADDL.DDG(NCD) 554-A 23061980 2807 NCD Section MG Section Technical Matter
12. Dr. A.K.Harit ADDL.DDG(AKH) 449-A 23061028 2625 MG Section PH(CDL) Section, Technical Matter
13. Dr. Avdhesh Kumar ADG(IH) 556-A 23061978 2719 PH(IH) Section, MH-II Section, Airport/Port/Disability Issues Technical Matter
14. Dr. Inder Prakaash ADG(EPI) 310-D 23062167 2513 EPI Section, RD CELL, Technical Matter
15. Dr. Vimal C. Mohapatra ADDL.DDG (HQ)CGHS 342-A-I 23062683 2783 CGHS-I,II,III & IV Section Technical Matter
16. Sh. N. Kaliappen DA(NK)CGHS 756-A 23063545 3227 CGHS-IV Admn. Matter
17. Dr. B.K.Tiwari Adviser(Nut.) 355-A 23062113 2613 IDD&Nut Cell
18. Dr. (Mrs) B. R. Sawhney ADDL.DDG (BRS) 557-A 23061031 3204 PH(CLD) Section Technical Matter
19. Dr. A.K.Puri ADG(L) 505-D 23061164 2707 Leprosy Section Technical Matter
20. DR. Anil Sain CMO(HA) 503-D 23062724 2584 MH-I, Section MH-II Section Technical Matter
21. Dr. D. M. Thoraat ADG(DMT)-PH 530-C 23062544 1726 MH-II Section MH-III Section PMR Dept./CHEB/NPMTP&PMC Technical Matter
22. Dr. Chaman Prakash COM(CP) 507-D 23063340 3245 MH-III Section (TRAUMA) Technical Matter
23. Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava ADG(ME) 451-A 23061907 2610 M.E. Cell M.E. Section Technical Matter
24. Dr. Alok Mathur CMO(AM) 351-A 23061268 2425 NCD Section Technical Matter
25. Dr. W.D. Bhutia CMO(WDB) 560-A 23061329 2521 NCD Section Technical Matter
26. Dr. L. Swasticharan CMO(EMR) 652-A 23063537 2612 EMR Cell Technical Matter
27. Sh. D.D.Jha Director(P) 558-A 23062290 2563 Procurement Cell
28. DR. Neeraj Kulshrestha Addl.DDG (NK) 533-C 23063246 TB Section
29. Sh. Umed Singh Deputy Director (CBHI) 401-A 23062695 2612 CBHI Technical Matter
30. Shri Mukesh Bajpai Architect 405-A 23062004 2788 CDB Section
31. Dr.K. Bangaru Rajan DC(I) 23236975 Drugs Division Technical Matter
32. Sh. Prem Prakash Stats. Asstt. 2694 Statistical Cell
33. Dr. A. S. Rathore ADG(O) 350-A 23062347 2551 Ophthalmology
34. Dr. Kaushal Kumar Joint Director(CPIO) 23922677 NICD
35. Sh. Sukhvir Singh Deputy Director(CAPIO) NICD
36. Dr. G. R. Marwah Sr. CMO (SAG) 26188590 MSO Store II, III & IV Technical Matter.
37. Dr. Gowri N. Sen Gupta PH (Sp)eslist 23236694 CHEB Technical Matter

List of Appellatte Authorities in Directorate General of Health Services

(As on 29th February, 2012)

S.No. Name of Officer Designation Telephone No. PABX No. on Ph.23022200 FAX No. Subject matter
with which concerned
1. Dr. G.K.Sharma Dy. Director
General (Medical)
23063220 23062016 M.G.Section
ME Cell
M E Section
PH(CDL) Section
Procurement Cell
2. Dr. N. S. Dharamshaktu Dy. Director
23062193 23063030 R. D. Cell E P I Section Hindi Section PH (CDL) Section
3. Dr. Ashok Kumar DDG (TB) 011-23062980 23063226 T B Division
4. Dr. D. C. Jain DDG (DCJ) 23061806 23062648 MG Section NCD Section AV Section Admin. I & II Section Cash I & Ii Section General Section C.R. Section O&M/Rti Section
5. Dr. C.M. Aggarwal DDG (L) 23061801 23062653 Leprosy Section
6. Dr. Arvind Thergaonkar DDG (P) 23061871 23062366 MH I,II,& III Section
7. Dr. (Smt.) S.Vrindha Director (CGHS) 011-23062800 23062319 C.G.H.S I,II,III & IV Section
8. Dr. R. Chandrashekhar Chief Architect I/c 23062928 Central Design Bureau
9. Dr. S.Y.Kothari Special DG(ST) 23062401 23063542 Medical Store Organization, IDD & Nutrition Cell
10. Dr. N. K. Agarwal DDG(O) 23061594 23062702 Ophthalmology Section
11. VACANT DCG (I) 23236965 Drugs Division CDSCO, CDA
12. Dr. P. Ravindran Dir. (EMR) 23061302 23061457 EMR Cell
13. Dr. P. Saxena Dir.(CBHI) 23063175 CBHI
14. Dr. Yadu Lal Dir. CHEB 23239943 CHEB